Responsible Thinking and Acting

Our obligations are the interests and objectives of our customers, and we pursue those with a high degree of consistency and responsibility. As you place your valuable property into our hands, we shall handle it with the greatest of care and diligence, with an eye firmly on your objectives. At the same time, we regularly provide you with suggestions for continued optimization and added value of your properties.

We aim to achieve the best possible results for your properties – and we are perfectly positioned to do so. To us, proximity to the objects and regular contacts to your tenants are an important prerequisite for successful management. We thus concentrate on those markets where we personally live and feel at home, maintaining addition to our headquarters in Ahrensburg (near to Hamburg) regional offices in Lübeck, Kiel and Hamburg.

You will benefit from our personal presence in these markets, and from our extensive local networks. Furthermore, we use top-of-the-line computer technology and programs which guarantee not only a speedy information flow but also top accuracy and details in the analysis products.

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