Prices for our services

Our price calculations emphasize transparency and take into consideration any individual requirements you might have.

Operative Property Management:

For operative property management, the prices for flats are between 5 % and 5.5 %, depending on type and location. Pricing is referenced to the respective net lease payment for those properties. For commercial properties operative management, we would be pleased to send you an individual proposal, depending on the type of usage, on location and on the anticipated administrative costs.

Strategic Property Management:

Our services in the are of strategic property management depend on the respective scope and object-specific particulars, such as size, location, tenant structure, etc. We will gladly provide you with a personalized offer.

Marketing and Leasing:

For lease activities, following a successful brokerage, i.e. following the signing of the lease agreement, moving in of the tenant, and payment of the initial lease payment, the following brokerage fee is due based on the net lease payment without utilities: 3 monthly lease payment for new commercial leases, 1.5 monthly lease payments for extensions of a commercial lease, and 1.5 monthly lease payments for residential leases.

Facility Management:

Our services in the area of technical facility management are based on tenant-allocated costs per m². Technical facility support and modernization/rehabilitation are offered based on a fixed percentage of approved and incurred costs. We will gladly provide you with a personalized offer.

Immobilien & Management Consulting

Our consulting services are resource-related and accounted for by individual agreement. The initial consultation is of course free.