Operative Property Management

Operatives Immobilien Management

Lease / Object Bookkeeping Collection and accounting of lease payments and utility advance payments, settlement of management invoices, operative bookkeeping

These services include the monthly collection and accounting of lease and rent payments, plus utility costs and other revenue. It also includes the review and settlement of management invoices. Furthermore, we provide bookkeeping-related pre-processing of all activities to assist the respective tax advisor.

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Accounts Receivable Management Past-due notices, settlement with housing authorities, terminations, support of vacating process

Particularly in today’s economy, it is important to synchronize the actual cash flow with the business plan. To do so, we provide an efficient and active management system for accounts receivable. We continuously monitor incoming payments, and past-due notices are sent out quickly and consistently. In case of payment delay or default, we contact the tenant directly and personally, and we offer support for contacting the respective authorities, if necessary. In case of continued payment default, we unmistakable yet appropriately point out the resulting consequences, and we quickly forward the outstanding demands to the cooperating attorneys.

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Utility Cost Accounting Annual utility cost accounting, analysis

The annual utility cost accounting requires a high degree of accuracy to determine the proper time development and history. Annually repeating account settlements can then be processed faster and with more accuracy. By using our computer-based capabilities, we prepare your annual utility account settlement in an efficient and timely manner.

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Lease / Object Management Lease contracts (including inspection and conveyance of objects), tenant support, coordination of object service providers (on-site janitor, cleaning services, minor repairs)

Our lease and object management provides support for your tenants and ensures the rapid and service-oriented processing of all tenant-related issues. These services are provided by our facility support manager jointly with the on-site janitor. The scope of our services also includes the transfer of the property at the beginning of the lease, the pre-inspection upon termination, and the final inspection upon moving-out. Furthermore, we coordinate all work performed by the janitor, from cleaning services for the property to implementing minor repair work.

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Implementation of Lease Increases Lease index/comparison leases, index clauses, after-remodeling clauses

We also take care of all necessary steps for the timely implementation of lease increases. This includes lease increases based on potential analyses performed during the purchase of the property as well as increases based on lease indexes and customary comparison leases. For commercial leases, we ensure the adjustment of lease payments based on index changes or contracts. Any upgrades and modernization measures are also taken into account for these lease payments. Any tenant disputes are handled appropriately.

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