System-Based Expertise

PPF Immobilien Management GmbH was formed during the summer of 2009 – in anticipation of pending changes among the partners – through reorganization of Schaumann Consulting GmbH. As a group-internal service provider, Schaumann Consulting GmbH was in charge of marketing and support for the northern Germany properties of the Danish Schaumann Group. The positive and promising development of business activities of Schaumann Consulting GmbH created the desire to offer and expand services beyond the group-internal objects. This led to the establishment of PPF Immobilien Management GmbH.

The PPF Real Estate Management GmbH has taken over the structures of the Schaumann Consulting GmbH and also expanded its service portfolio to include the property management. This brought together the previously separate areas of property and asset management, and PPF Immobilien Management GmbH is now capable of acting more rapidly and more efficiently.

Our four portfolio modules (operative property management, strategic property management, facility management, and marketing and leasing), a well-tuned and competent team, our strength in market proximity and excellent local contacts allow PPF Immobilien Management GmbH to offer complete service for the marketing and management of real estate properties in northern Germany.